Does the University take tuition fees?
The program is free of tuition fees, but certain one time fees are required during the application (only when you accept the seat). A semester fee covering e.g. a public transportation ticket must be paid every semester. Please check for details.
Are the application fees refundable?
As we try to keep our adminsitrative costs (and your fees) low, none of the fees can be refunded. But please note, that the fees deadlines are rather late, i.e. the admin fee only needs to be paid once you know that you get a seat, the enrolment fee only needs to be paid once you know that the visa worked out etc.
When should I pay the fees?
As soon as possible and definately before the deadline mentioned in KOPLA. Please note, that the deadline is arrival date on our account.
What information must I provide for the payment?
The most important information is the invoice Id. Without this information, our financial department will not be able to assign the paymen t to your application.
Can somebody else like a friend pay on my behalf.
This is no problem, as long as the correct invoice Id is given on the payment. In addition, it is recommended to add your name/Kopla ID into the subject.
The fee reception is not reflected in KOPLA
Please note, that several steps have to be conducted before the fees are shown in KOPLA. First of all we need to receive the fee. International bank transfers may take more than a week, so please check the duration up front with your bank. Then the fee must be booked by our financial department and the data must be exported to KOPLA. This may take another 2 weeks. Therefore, please ALLOW AT LEAST 3 WEEKS for the fee to be reflected in KOPLA. We are not able to check the fee status before.
What are the costs for living in Darmstadt?
The costs for living in Darmstadt, like in any rural area, are comparable high, mainly due to housing costs. Please check for details.
Does the university provide scholarships?
As the program is free of tuition fees, we do not have an own budget for scholarships. For certain groups, scholarships might be provided by external organization. Please contact the International Office for this: