How do I apply for housing?
You may apply for a room via KOPLA.
When do I apply for housing?
As soon as you are admitted to our program. The deadline is June 15, provided there are rooms left. You see the room availability in the section 6 - payment.
Do you offer housing for families?
We do not offer accommodations for families. If you need accommodation for your family begin to look for a flat as early as possible. Please contact us at, we will be happy to give you information.
When will I be informed of my future address?
You will know your address as soon as you get a room offer.
When do I get my contract?
You will get your contract via email in August. As soon as your payment is mapped in KOPLA - your room is reserved.
How long is the rental period?
The rental period is from September 1st until August 31st.
Can I move-in before my rental period begins?
No. You cannot move-in before the rental period starts.
When do I get my Move-in appointment and from whom?
You will get a move-in date from the housing agency by mid-August.
I want to move-in on a weekend. Is this possible?
No, a move-in is only possible within the working hours of the housing agency.
My visa is delayed. Can I move-in later?
Your room will be available for you the whole month of September as you paid the rent. To keep the room longer you have to contact the housing agency and inform them about your delayed arrival and pay the rent to the housing agency.
Can I delay my payment?
No, because the system only allocates you, when your housing fee is paid.
Can I move-in with my friends?
The rooms of the Studierendenwerk are spread across different buildings and appartments. Therefore an allocation with a friend is not possible.