What bachelor degree do I need?
You need a bachelor in electrical engineering and information technology or similar. slightly different bachelor sometimes can be be accepted for specific majors depending on the contained modules (e.g. bachelor mechatronics for major automation)
My bachelor has not finished yet, can I still apply?
You can apply if your bachelor is finished until the moment of enrolment in September, i.e. if you are in your final year.
What CGPA do I need?
We select applicants based on their individual and complete profile. As the admission to the program is highly competitive, we expect a very good academic profile. In addition to this, working experience, language skills and motivation are important.
Is English as Language of Tuition sufficient?
No, for your application, you need a valid English certificate with a sufficient score. Please check the faculties website for details: https://mse.h-da.de/en/admission
I do not have a IELTS Certificate yet. Can I apply?

You may apply without an IELTS certificate, but please note that we give preference to applications which have uploaded all required documents. The admission board may decide to still accept your application, but this will only happen if seats are still available. Instead of the IELTS certificate, please upload a proof (i.e. course registration) when you will take the exam. Please note, that you have to present a valid English certificate with the required score for the enrolment.