Welcome to our IMSEIT application portal KOPLA

Application portal is open

This platform opens up to you at your fingertips the entire application process and all pertinent information exchange and communication with us.
As a first step, you should register on our portal.  This will establish your personal user space on the platform, through which all subsequent activities will be channelled. 

Please note:

  • Applicants having a degree from a German university may apply for the summer or the winter semester.
  • Applicants holding an international bachelor degree may only apply for the winter semester.
  • Every applicant may only upload one application.
  • Your application is only valid for the chosen semester and major.
  • Please check our website for additional information about the program https://mse.h-da.de/

In case you have applied for the wrong semester or for the wrong major, please send an email to master.fbe@h-da.de. We will correct your entry.

Re-Registration from the last year

Applicants who have already registered for the last period

  • Do not create a new account! If you do this, we will automatically reject your application.
  • If you have not been accepted or could not take your seat for the last period, you may apply again.  To do this, please send an email to master.fbe@h-da.de.  We will change your application to the correct semester. Please add the following documents: up to date CV and documents proving how you have improved your qualification profile.
  • If you have started your application process during the summer period, you may complete your application right now. In case you have to upload additional documents and your account is locked, please send an email to master.fbe@h-da.de.
  • IMPORTANT: Always provide your full name as well as your old application number when contacting us. Without this information, your request will not be processed.