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Please check the timeline for your program:

  • International student: application is only possible for the winter semester.
  • Students having a German bachelor degree: application is possible for both the winter and the summer semester.

For a detailled description of the timeline please visit the following page.

Please note: Admissions will only be checked during the given periods. All dates are mandatory "latest" dates.

Additional information

For additional information about the program, including prerequisites, content, cost of living etc. please also visit our program homepage.

For a description of the application process as well as finding answers to typical questions, please visit the Help section.

We are here to help you

Dear fellow students. We,  Mhd. Redwan, Maysara, Mohammad, Yasaman, Zakriya, Priyanka, Dusi Smita, Juan Carlos, Sobree, Roberto, Andrea and Mousami are  senior students of the International Master programme at the H-DA in Darmstadt. We have been in your situation exactly one year ago and now want to help you with all issues, which will keep you busy the next couple of months:

  • Tips and tricks around the visa process
  • Living in Germany
  • Preparing your study
  • Pickup at the airport
  • Transfer to your appartmet
  • and many more...

And we will be there to help you to survive your first days in Germany ;-).

We will send out emails in regular intervalls to provide you the most important information. In addition, you are also welcome to join our Facebook group or contact us by email, using the following email adress: student-mse@eit.h-da.de

Please also follow our Facebook group. Both juniors and seniors from our master programme meet here and exchange information -  https://www.facebook.com/groups/1081214598737414/

Looking forward meeting you in Darmstadt!

The 2019 H-DA Tutor Team!