International Master of Science in Electrical Engineering and Information Technology

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International Students - CLOSED

The portal currently is CLOSED for applications from international students. Please check the timeline for the next application period.

German Students (non-HDA) - CLOSED

The portal is CLOSED for applications from students from other (non-H-DA) German universities. Please check the timeline for the next application period.

H-DA Students - CLOSED

The portal is CLOSED for applications from students from the H-DA. Please check the timeline for the next application period.


Thank you for choosing h_da as a potential career destination.

Prof. Peter Fromm                    Sabine François
IMSEIT Course Director             IMSEIT Course Coordinator


Before you apply

Welcome to our application portal KOPLA - your starting point and communication gateway for your application to our program. Please check the process description in the support section to get an overview of the application process. For an admission, please create a profile and upload the required documents in this portal. For further information regarding

  • Tuition Fees for international students
  • Application periods and deadlines
  • Mandatory IELTS or TOEFL requirements
  • Duration and content of the program

please refer to

Per application period, only one application for one of the following majors is allowed.

  • Automation
  • Communication
  • Embedded Systems and Microelectronics
  • Power

The selection of the major is binding, therefore carefully check the content of the program before you make a final choice. The application is free of charge, fees only need to be paid when accepting a seat.

We wish you a successful application!

Evaluation of your profile

Your application will be individually evaluated by a board of professors. For selecting our students we will scrutinize specifically on your background in Electrical Engineering, and there again in specific sub-fields of special relevance to our Master and selected Major as well as on your overall profile and motivation.

Although we do not have a fixed GPA level, we expect our future students to belong to the top team of their bachelor program.

  • English language knowledge must be proven by certificate.
  • Working experience is considered beneficial.
  • There is no explicit German language requirement for getting admission, but German knowledge is considered advantageous for the application.

All applications will be checked until the end of the application period. You will be notified through the application portal only, therefore make sure that you check your status in regular intervals.

The board has decided

Congratulations, you got accepted.

If you want to accept your seat, please follow the next steps in KOPLA

  • Transfer the application fees
  • Reserve a room
  • And prepare your travel

We will have a team of senior students who will get in contact with you and support you with all your questions.

Please note, that the admission is only valid for the application semester, it cannot be shifted to a later year!

In case we could not offer you a seat.

As our program is getting more and more recognition world-wide, the quality of applicants has skyrocketed.  Admission is thus highly competitive and also good applications therefore sometimes cannot be accepted due to the limited number of seats. However, you may apply again next year with an improved profile, e.g. by showing

  • Relevant working skills
  • Taking additional courses
  • Improving your German language skills